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          Sales representative   Responsibilities:
          [ several ]  


          Support, motivate and develop the client to effectively sell?

          Continuously evaluate & enhance client performance and determine actions to


          Obtain and analyze local market and competitor information in order to

          provide feedback to management for marketing and product strategy.

          Coordinate sales and service training activities involving client



          College graduate in Mechanics, Engineering or equivalent

          Experienced in distribution and sales and market directly

          Ability to travel extensively.

          Strong negotiation skills, understanding the need of dealers and users.

          Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

          Energetic individual with strong team skills.

          Highly motivated with a will to succeed.?

          Honest & integer personality


          Purchasing Engineer





          Work out and negotiate inquiries, quotations and contracts in detail with


          Regular communication with suppliers for coordination / optimization purposes

          Establishment and qualification of Supplier?

          Cooperate and team up with other divisions particularly for strategic

          purchasing, development and production?

          Lead and realize of outsourcing projects



          College graduated or above

          Minimum 1-year experience

          Experience in product transfer processes ideally from Europe or USA to Asia

          Establishment of tools in order to monitor and control supplier performance?

          Good teamwork spirit & interpersonal skills

          Strategic thinker and team player with high notch of people skills







          Run telephone switchboard and transfer in & out calls, responsible for

          receiving/transferring visitors and meeting room reservation, Run/assist mails

          or documents distribution; distribute city courier. College or above degree,

          1 year working experience, Excellent command of Chinese is essential,

          International trading knowledge is preferred.



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